About us – Viessmann Technologies

In 1917, Johann Viessmann set up a small locksmith's shop in the town of Hof in Bavaria, setting in motion a great journey of development. Today, the Viessmann Group is one of the leading international producers of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

In 2003, the new clean room product line was created, which has been successfully marketed and continuously developed by Viessmann Technologies GmbH, based in Hof. Vitec is not only an innovative component supplier, but also a provider of individual system solutions – from consultation and planning to production and installation, right through to the final handover.

Vitec team

More than 30 qualified specialists create industry-specific clean rooms for the life science, hospital and industrial sectors. No two projects are alike, which means that individual solutions are created for Viessmann Technologies' customers to protect people, processes or products from harmful or undesirable environmental influences.

Since the company was founded, more than 1,200 projects have been completed in over 30 countries.

Tailor-made clean room solutions with high flexibility and protection

Energy-optimised and modular system walls and ceilings create the highest possible flexibility in the design of critical areas. Depending on customer requirements, Viessmann Technologies can provide a comprehensive portfolio ranging from active airlocks and precision weighing workstations to sampling cabins for exposed product protection.

Application-specific re-circulating air systems, together with active filter elements and thermodynamic air treatment, complete the range of services and meet the highest standards.

Viessmann is committed to sustainability in terms of economic, environmental and social responsibility, as well as the use of durable and reusable materials.

Are you interested in our clean room solutions or are you planning a project? We will be happy to assist.