Decontam clean room laundry, Beelitz, Germany

Decontam has been operating for over 35 years and specialises in clean room textile services. Decontam once again chose to rely on Viessmann's many years of experience for its site in Beelitz, Brandenburg, to design laundry facilities that are very specifically tailored to the requirements of clean room applications.

FFUs make ISO 5 clean room class possible with low-turbulence flows

As part of the project, a new clean room laundry with clean room class ISO 5 was to be built in 2016. The requirements for a class ISO 5 clean room are very high: a very low-turbulence flow was achieved by equipping the entire clean room ceiling with FFUs (Filter Fan Units). A plenum was also built above the clean room ceiling, in which fans and filters were installed to ensure the purity of the air flows.

Viessmann Technologies supplied 120 m² of clean room flooring and ceilings for the new clean room. The package also included the clean room walls and ventilation technology.

Material and personnel airlocks prevent particle inflow into the clean room

The clean room at Decontam is where the cleaned and dried laundry, which was previously loaded from the back outside the clean room, is folded and packed in films under clean room conditions. The laundry pieces are then transported to the picking area through a ventilated material lock and returned to the customer.

Two personnel airlocks allow clean room-compliant access.

A connecting service office has a clear view into the clean room through glass return air ducts.

Technical details:

  • 120 m² clean room floor
  • 120 m² clean room ceiling
  • 13 m² personnel airlock
  • 10 m² service office space
  • 2 personnel airlocks