Sigmapharm, Hornstein, Austria

Compliance with GMP directives with hygienic clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry

Sigmapharm Arzneimittel GmbH produces pharmaceutical products. The international company develops, produces and distributes medicinal products and medical devices. The company's core competence is sterile and non-sterile liquid products for ear, nose and throat applications.

In accordance with the GMP directives applicable in the EU, pharmaceutical production companies such as Sigmapharm must comply with the relevant hygiene and cleanliness rules.

Clean room walls, clean room ceilings, doors, airlock systems and lamps from Viessmann Technologies enable compliance with clean room standards in this project according to the EU GMP guidelines. The clean room classes defined for the project according to the process requirements and the permitted number of particles in the air of the respective rooms are B, C and D.

Airlock systems regulate the controlled and clean access of people and material.

Technical details:

  • 1300 m² clean room wall
  • 800 m² clean room ceiling, not accessible
  • 104 lamps
  • > 40 doors